Hyundai “First Date” Commercial

This is the first 2016 Super Bowl commercial I saw that I really liked. In fact, it ended up being my favorite.

While many other advertisers hired 20 celebrities, wrote lengthy copy read by Morgan-Freeman-like voices, and used flashy graphics and women, Hyundai kept it simple. By doing this, they not only promoted their product in a classy way, but they entertained. When this aired, everyone in the room was laughing. It reached a general audience and not just a select few.

I found that this is one of the few commercials that made me remember the product upon the first impression, because Hyundai made the product a part of the story. People, in general, like to hear a story. Stories are inspiring and memorable.

But Hyundai didn’t stop there. The product wasn’t just part of the story, its features were too. The Hyundai Genesis wasn’t just the car that the two teens on the date were riding in, but the dad (Kevin Hart) also used the car’s tracking feature to keep an eye on his daughter. Without those crucial factors, any car could be used in the ad without changing the story at all.

Congrats to Hyundai and their ad agency, INNOCEAN Worldwide, on an awesome commercial and a USA Today Ad Meter win!





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