It’s Been a While.

Who’s ready for an update? You know I’ve been busy, because the blog is looking pretty low on posts!

After working as a Sales Assistant for Pinnacle Homes for a few months, I was offered a position as a Construction & Marketing Coordinator at their main office in Bloomfield Hills, MI.

I am happy that the company has given me a chance to try things I’ve never done before. They trust me with a lot of projects that many recent grads don’t get to work on until they’re in the industry for several years. For that I am truly thankful. I’m excited to post some of the work I’ve done in recent months, I’ve worked on everything from infographics to website pages, to brochures and a commercial.

This is the most challenging job I’ve ever had. I was born ready for the marketing part of the position, but the construction part is a completely different story.

The construction part of my position focuses primarily on two things: Permitting and reports. I work with project managers to submit plans and applications to the city for each home we build. The process isn’t that complicated once you learn it, but as someone who knew NOTHING about building a house, it was like learning a new language.

I also produce reports for our executives, including a schedule of all of our houses in production. I was surprised they trusted me with something so important right from the start. Knowing that our finances were based on the accuracy of these reports made me VERY nervous. I made mistakes in the beginning, but I didn’t give up, and now I can hand over a spreadsheet with a lot more confidence.

One piece of advice I can give after this experience: Your first job after college won’t be your dream job…but it might be the stepping stone to a really great opportunity.


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