Workshop Twelve: The Fashion Show

Here is the final Hire Ed blog post, written by yours truly! Special thanks to the head author, Angelica Pasqualone, and all of our readers. It’s been an awesome journey!

As we near the end of Hire Ed, careerists focused on the final portion of landing the job: The interview. After focusing on general interview rules in Workshop 10, this week careerists got the opportunity to sit in the hot seat. Frank spent the first portion of the class discussing some questions that may pop up in an Ad/PR job interview. Check out some of these questions and his advice below!

“Why do you want to work for my company?”
Be specific. Give examples of things you like about the company’s culture. Indicate to your interviewer that you did your homework!

 “What do you bring to our company?”
Bring up an experience in the past that shows your creativity, drive, and work ethic. People love to hear stories, so tell a story that will make you stand out from other candidates.

 “What is your dream job?”
Your interviewer knows that…

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