Can we talk about that toe fungus commercial…?

Yeah, that one.

It was one of those wait, what? commercials that aired during the Super Bowl. I, like many, was questioning what possessed this company to run the spot on the biggest advertising night of the year.

I didn’t think the spot was bad. It was clever…for a toe fungus commercial, anyways. I had to give those producers credit…it couldn’t have been easy to come up with something for that type of client. I tried to give them the benefit of the doubt, but others weren’t having it.

At the Gravity Ad Bowl party at Flatlander’s in Grand Rapids, the commercial came up in discussion.

Hearing Bill McKendry’s comments made me think that maybe I was giving the commercial TOO much credit. I remember a disgusted face along with the word “TERRIBLE” when we talked about the spot.

So why was it so horrible?

Simple. It didn’t belong in the line-up of BIG commercials for BIG clients.

Coke changes hate into positive words and inspiration. McDonald’s allows customers to pay for food with love. Budweiser melts our hearts with another puppy spot. And then…toe fungus?

Not only will the ad not increase sales, it has also backfired in increasing brand awareness. Viewers were too confused and caught off guard by the commercial to notice the brand name. Ads should be remembered for their brand, product, and message, but Jublia completely missed the mark. This one will forever go down as that toe fungus commercial.

Relive the exciting toe to toe action here:

Want more bad ads? Check out Ad Week’s 5 Worst Ads.


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