Seven Semesters Down…One to Go

Happy New Year, WordPressers!

WordPress recently posted about blogging goals for 2015. Reading the post made me think not only of my blogging goals…but also my goals as I begin my last semester of college!

*Insert cheering and hollering sounds here*

So, in traditional “New Year, New Me” fashion, here are some of my goals as start the new year and conclude my time at Grand Valley.

-Complete one more internship
-Attend more networking events
-Rediscover my love for photography
-Make time to practice guitar more often
-Cook something other than mac and cheese
-Go downtown and enjoy Grand Rapids more often!
-Spend less, save more
-Work out (don’t laugh, I mean it this time)
-Study more often
-Improve my portfolio
-Drink more water
-Get outside and enjoy the Lake Michigan air (AFTER the snow melts, of course)
-No skipping class (because admit it, we all do it)
-Make more friends, especially in the advertising biz
-Write a new blog post once a week

And finally…GET A J-O-B!

Some goals are serious…others are just little things I’d like to improve about myself. What are your goals? Think about the things you want to change, then go out and make that change! Anything is possible if you put your mind to it. If you want it bad enough, you can achieve it.

Everyone have a safe and happy new year, and GO LAKERS!



One thought on “Seven Semesters Down…One to Go

  1. -Spend less, save more
    -Study more often
    -Write a new blog post once a week
    I like your all the resolutions; but above mention resolutions I like most!
    Now, if you ask me like only one resolutions, I will definitely say this is the resolution I like most
    -Make more friends,
    And, I hope you have achieved this week’s target by making me as your friend!
    Wishing you a fabulous & fantastic 2015!
    Keep coming regularly on my blog, your presence makes my day.


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