Semester Review

This semester was by far the most difficult, but most rewarding semester of my college career. Yesterday I applied for graduation, and it’s finally hitting me that my school days are almost over.

The past several months I took on 18 credits, new responsibilities for work, and extracurriculars. It’s been intense, but it’s been incredibly fulfilling.

I originally created a WordPress account for my PR class, but only used it specifically for the class assignments. For my Advertising Technology class, I was given much more freedom in making the blog my own and using it to further my career and personal brand. I’m happy to say that I have uploaded a portfolio and kept up on the blog, and it’s definitely been beneficial to my career.

My favorite class of the semester was a tie between Communication Theories and Advertising Technology. In my Communication Theories class I met a lot of people that have the same interests as I do, and I was able to connect my studies in the class to everyday life. Advertising Technology helped me learn the things that are going to be required knowledge in my career, and I’m thankful for the professor’s endless efforts to see my work improve.

I’m excited to see what next semester will bring me as I begin job hunting and tackle another 18 credits. Graduation is only a few short months away! I can’t wait to spend everyday doing what I love and sharing my passion for advertising with the world.


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