Promoting responsible drinking through ads

Posted by a fellow student. Love Budweiser’s positive message! (And the puppies of course)

Samantha McKenna // Advertising

Budweiser hired an ad agency to create an advertisement that promotes their brand and to not drink and drive. They used the classic yellow lab puppy to tug at the heart strings of people watching the ad. The video shows the history behind the owner and the puppy and how their love for each other has grown. Then one night the puppy cried because his owner did not come home. But in the morning the owner walked through the door to see the excited puppy and explained to the puppy that he was out drinking and decided to stay at a friends house for the night.

The use of animals in advertisements is smart because there are so many animal lovers out there. Budweiser does a good job of using animals, such as puppies and horses, to capture the attention of audiences all around the world. When you think of…

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